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MCNP Political Action Committee - 2019/2020

MCNP Political Action Committee - 2019/2020 Details » Donate Online

The MCNP Political Action Committee (MCNP PAC) relies on donations from MCNP members to support our lobbying efforts and influence legislation that impacts APN practice. Without your financial support, we would be unable to attend fundraisers for key politicians where our messages can be heard and would not be recognized as legitimate stakeholders in health policy legislation.

Please donate today and help us reach our 2019/2020 fundraising goal of $20,000 which will go a long way toward giving us the financial resources we need to continue our work.

Secure online donations can be made by credit card at the link below or you may send a check.
Checks must include the name and address of the donor and be made payable to:
PO Box 1153
Littleton, MA 01460

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