Myra F Cacace, GNP-BC

Practice Specialty:
Gerontology & 
Diabetes Management

Practice Location:
Reliant Medical Group
Worcester, MA 


Describe why you chose to become an NP.

I love being a nurse. The most rewarding kind of nursing for me was the time I spent in Primary Care. I love to help people to learn about their conditions and to learn way to prevent and cope with the issues in their daily lives. I noticed that I was better at this than some of the physicians with whom I worked, but was admonished for working outside of the scope of nursing: “practicing medicine without a license”. Then I met Delores, a nurse practitioner who showed me that I could increase my scope of practice, and continue to be a nurse.

Describe a situation in which you made a meaningful difference in the lives of one of your patients.

A woman came to see me for her complete physical exam. She showed me a lump in her breast, but told me that she was told, by her physician, not to worry about it, because she had had a normal mammogram within 6 months. I ordered another stat mammogram, and she DID have breast cancer. They got it all and to this day, every time I see her she announces to anyone who would listen that “This is the Nurse Practitioner who saved my life!”

What do you think is the best part of being a Nurse Practitioner?

Meeting with my patients on a one to one basis and answering their questions, teaching them and prescribing the right medication to make them feel better.

Describe your greatest practice challenge in the current healthcare environment.

Working when the physician is not physically in the building, but being told that it was alright, BUT then having to work under a physician supervision.

What is the best advice you have been given or would give to a student entering the profession?

Learn a lot, never be afraid to ask questions and NEVER FORGET your nursing background..