Robyn Kievit Kirkman, FNP-BC

Practice Specialty:
Eating disorders, sports nutrition, psychopharmacology

Practice Location:
Downtown Boston & Concord, MA                                                            

Describe why you chose to become an NP.

When I was in high school I could not decide between becoming a dietitian or a nurse. I chose the dietetics path and became a registered dietitian. After working fora few years I knew I wanted to combine the fields of dietetics and nursing and reach patients at a higher level, if you will.

Describe a situation in which you made a meaningful difference in the lives of one of your patients.

I see patients right now for longer term work. This has been so in the past as well, but only a few for long term in former places of employment. The greatest gratification is after working with a patient and or patients family in a tough case and hearing from them later on that they are doing well. I’ve received letters, emails, not just from patients from their parents or family. Often we don’t hear gratitude from our patients in the moment around the bigger picture - it can come later on.

What do you think is the best part of being a Nurse Practitioner?

I feel like we can do anything. We have a large scope of practice. We get to help people in deep, meaningful ways.

Describe your greatest practice challenge in the current healthcare environment.

Healthcare affordability & access to care.

What is the best advice you have been given or would give to a student entering the profession?

Get nursing experience first! I worked as a floor nurse for a while after working as a dietitian, as well in a hospital, before working as an NP. These experiences helped me tremendously. Also, find a mentor, create goals, and realize they are changeable. There are so many variations in our field. Last, build each other up. We need more of the ‘we’ in wellness to come from NP’s.