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President's Message
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Leading MCNP Beyond Full Practice Authority

Chris Malagrida, FNP

MCNP President


August 2017


Being elected as the President of MCNP is a great privilege, and I am excited about the opportunity to lead the organization. As I think about my goals as the next leader of the MCNP, I reflect on early influences in my career. Twenty years ago this year, it was a gifted surgeon and truly remarkable person in NYC that showed me that nursing was the right path for me.  I was working as his medical secretary at a large hospital in Manhattan at the time and was interested in a career in healthcare but confused about the endless options. 

After many conversations around my professional and personal goals, and influenced by the fact that his wife was a nurse, he was confident and unwavering that nursing would fulfill everything I was trying to accomplish.  He spoke about an organized and highly respected profession that would result in intellectually challenging work and the special reward that comes with caring for others in their most vulnerable state. He spoke about limitless opportunities and the support and strength that nurses offer to each other. Two decades later, I am so deeply grateful for his insight and advice which helped me make one of the best decisions of my life.

I appreciate the rich history of our profession and the pioneering NPs who came before us and fought many battles to advance our practice. As your state NP organization, MCNP is hard at work advocating for nurse practitioners across the state to ensure that we can continue to do our best work without restrictive barriers getting in the way. With past President Dr. Stephanie Ahmed continuing to lead our legislative efforts, alongside a strong and committed core of engaged NPs and talented lobbyists, we have never been closer to achieving our goal to obtain full practice authority. 
As current MCNP President, I will be supporting and engaging in our legislative efforts. Equally important, I will be planning for the future when we have achieved full practice authority. There is no doubt that new obstacles and hurdles will arise as our practice evolves in this ever-changing healthcare environment. I will also be exploring the way that MCNP could and should be involved to support your NP practice.
It's an exciting yet trepidatious time in healthcare. The future of the Affordable Care Act and its impact on the Massachusetts healthcare environment is uncertain, but I am confident that if we work together, we can create a new landscape for the NPs that follow in our footsteps as we fight for better care and access for our patients.
If the MCNP is to be successful as the unified voice for NPs in Massachusetts, we will need your help. Your engagement, feedback as to what is important to you and continued membership to sustain the financial operation of the organization will be essential. Thank you to our members who have kept current on their membership dues. For those whose membership has lapsed, please consider renewing now. 
If you have ideas on how MCNP can better support you, your practice or your patients, I want to hear from you.  Please reach out to me at:

Chris Malagrida, NP







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